Voodo FAQ

  1. No icon badge on iOS 5 for to-do items?

    iOS 5 has a new notification system. Maybe you need to go to system Settings/Notifications to enable icon badge for Voodo.

  2. What is Voodo not?

    Voodo is not a time tracking app. Voodo is not a project management app. Voodo is not simply a calendar app, though Voodo has a Calendar Mode with nice calendar features.

  3. Why don't my events added on Google Calendar appear in Voodo?

    Voodo syncs with a calendar named "Voodo" in Google Calendar, while events created on Google Calendar are added to your default calendar by default. Make sure you select "Voodo" as the target calendar for events that you want to sync with Voodo.

  4. Why couldn't I use my default calendar as the sync calendar of Voodo?

    First of all, events and tasks are different things. Voodo is mainly a task management app. I purposely designate a special calendar just for Voodo tasks which is naturally named "Voodo". This way, I can assure Voodo tasks never interfere your normal events. By the way, Google Tasks, Google's own tasks management web app, is integrated in Google Calendar in the same manner - with a special calendar named "Tasks".

  5. Why don't you make Voodo sync with Google Tasks then?

    I'd like to, but Google Tasks is too limited: no priority, no due time(only date), no recurrence, no tags, no location, no contacts…

  6. It can't sync!

    Sometimes, it can't sync, if:

    • Google Calendar servers have problems.
    • Your network has problems.

    So before complaining, please check whether it is caused by these two conditions: try to access Google Calendar in Safari on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, and see whether it shows all your calendars and events; if your iOS system Calendar syncs with Google Calendar, try to add a new event in Google Calendar and see whether it comes to your iOS Calendar, and vice versa.

  7. Why couldn't I set start/end time for tasks in Voodo?

    Tasks and events are different. Events are things that happen, usually last for a period of time. When you participate in events, you should know when they start and when they end. Tasks are things to do, you only care about when they are done. Therefore, tasks only have due times. Google Tasks use the same data modal, with only a due date. When synced with Google Calendar, start times in Google Calendar correspond to due times in Voodo.

  8. Why can't I batch delete tasks?

    Voodo is designed to be your logbook. You really don't need to delete completed tasks, just like you usually don't burn your diaries. Besides, batch deletion is too dangerous an operation to offer to most users. I don't want to see anyone delete all his history by mistake.